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Please note, the links provided on this site are done so out of good will. They are to third party websites where the content cannot be controlled by Richard Mills IT and Web so no liability will be taken in any case should anything result from anyone following a link provided.

Software Links

These links are to useful free software programs and tools and also to popular manufacturer Driver Download sites which are often difficult to find. If you find that any of these links are broken or do not point to the correct places, please feel free to get in touch and let me know so that I can resolve it.

Special Offers

The Special Offers links are what it says on the tin. Links to different companies special offers which you may not have found otherwise. Please check them out, there may be some great suggestions for gift ideas and also discounts on other products.

Recommended Sites

Recommended sites are links to other websites that either have relationships with Richard Mills IT and Web or that I have found very useful.

If you would like to suggest a link or you would like a link to your own website then please use the contact form and submit it for consideration.